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Simatic S7, PCS7, WinCC

Systems standardization

In present time, which is an era of speeding technological progress and when level of automation and integration is so high, there is a need to keep order in control systems – it means standardization.

Every plant should take care not only of automation system’s cleanness, which means using components from no more than three verified vendors – equally important is standardization of software solutions. Although first step of standardization process may seem to be expensive, it will pay back later due to lower maintenance cost, better diagnostics and reliability of the system.

SimTec, from its beginnings, takes care of cleanness and transparency of its solutions, trying to convince Customers that standardization is necessary.
Based on long-term experience of SimTec’s specialists we have developed our own software standard to be used with Simatic S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200, S7-1500, PCS7 and WinCC as SCADA.

The standard consists of function blocks to control all technological objects: drives, valves, dampers, measurements, sequences, field bus diagnostics, communication with industrial robots etc.

Our standard function blocks can be used in both types of applications: Step 7 and PCS7 (with use of CFC editor). For all standard blocks we have created WinCC objects (so called “block icons”) and faceplates. Faceplates give full overview of an object with detailed diagnostics. Using of standard makes programmer’s work easier. All our engineers know the standard, so they can support every SimTec’s customer in case of troubles with the process. Using of proved function blocks guaranties problem-free work of the application.
Our standard can be easily adapted to special objects and additional requirements.

The standard can be rearranged to be used with other SCADA systems (not only WinCC or WinCC Flex) or other PLCs. Specialists from SimTec do not only build up our own standard – they know and implement standards dedicated to different sectors of industry: CEMAT, Braumat, PCS7 APL or SOGO (Siemens Oil and Gas Offshore).

Developing of our own standard has resulted in cooperation with Siemens Oil and Gas division where our engineers were involved in creating function blocks included in SOGO library. Our standard is fully adaptable and scalable. It can be easily modified to satisfy customer’s requirements or updated with new specific functions. We can adapt our standard to other SCADA systems like InTouch, iFIX etc. All the time we work with world standards dedicated to different industries.

Based on our experience and many dedicated standards knowledge we are able to create Any software standard adapted you your expectations and imagination. SimTec’s specialists possess necessary knowledge and experience allowing to standardize software for the all industry ventures and technological lines. We can standardize your software beginning from PLC software, through HMI systems till huge SCADA data bases and reporting systems.

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