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MIS, MES, OEE systems

Integracja środowisk systemów sterowania DCS i PLC

Integration of MIS, MES and OEE systems

In the OT (Operational Technology) layer, we integrate the DCS and PLC control system environments with superior MIS (Management Information System), MES (Manufacturing Execution System), OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) systems. We implement projects for the collection and processing of all production data in order to make it available to superior environments.

The other way around, we receive processed data from these environments and present them or integrate them with DCS, PLC, SCADA systems for further processing in the production process, e.g. in the form of recipes, tags for printing labels on products (e.g. QR code) or other production, performance or quality data.
Our programmers have many years of experience in building interfaces between IT and OT while maintaining all modern Cyber Security standards according to IEC62443.

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