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Systemy identyfikacji RFID

bezprzewodowa identyfikacja

RFID identification systems

Company SimTec specializes in designing, programming and implementation of identification systems RFID (Radio-frequency identification). This systems are utilizing radio frequency to transfer data and supplying in power of Tag's (RFID TAG) that are data carriers (transponders). We are offering a full scope of RFID TAGs with capacity of few bytes to several kilobytes.

Depending on circumstances in which the Tag should operate the proper transponder is designed and delivered. There are transponders dedicated to food industry as well as such that can work in higher temperature environments even till 280 degr. Centigrade. Transponders with high temperature resistance can be utilized for example on assembly lines on skids running through KTL lines, paint shops where products are transported through oven areas. The amount and scale of implementations of RFID systems is infinite.

The antennas allow reading and writing of RFID TAGs from even 5m distance. Offred RFID systems are integrating very well in Siemens TIA Portal environment and may operate on Profibus or Profinet networks that gives huge flexibility of implementations and perfect system diagnostic. SimTec offers stationary antennas as well as handy equipment for transponders programming

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