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Food industry

Batch and dosing systems.

Our engineers have implemented a number of food production systems based on PLCs, SCADA and MS-SQL or Sybase SQLAnywhere data bases. We have experience in standardization of batch systems and implementation of dosing, reporting and archiving systems.

Transportation of pork and beef half-carcasses

In a Meat Factory we have implemented software for unloading of pork and beef half-carcasses from lorries and their transporting to the storage/production areas. Control system is based on SIMATIC S7-300 (CPU-315-2DP/PN), WinCC 7.0 as SCADA exchanging data with certified scales using Profibus DP. Our system has been integrated with factory’s MES / MRP II - Impuls Evo system delivered by BPSC Company, by means of SimTec’s designed interface. Due to this kind of communication the end user received a flexibility to control product’s unloading and transportation (depending on vendor) with full information coming to a superior system of MES/ERP class.

An advantage of this solution is full scalability of the system. Implemented solutions give possibility to upgrade system’s functionality in an easy way.

Especially for this factory, SimTec has developed system to identify half-carcasses by means of RFID labels. The system can be used in the next steps of system upgrading. With the usage of RFID system it will be possible to identify each and every one half-carcass regardless of its location in transportation lines.

Cleaning In Process systems CIP.

In different sectors of food industry our specialists have been implementing PLC,  HMI and SCADA control systems for CIP (Cleaning In Process) loops.

Control systems in breweries.

SimTec’s employees have participated in projects for brew industry and they have broad experience in control systems for beer production. We have been programming control systems for the following processes: UT, BBT, CIP, water treatment, diatomite filters beer centrifuges etc.

In breweries we have also implemented SCADA, batch, reporting and archiving systems.

Sugar factories.

Based on SIMATIC PCS7 system from Siemens, we have implemented a full production systems for sugar production in several factories. All process areas have been covered, starting from beets cutting, through diffusion, juice evaporation, crystallization, centrifugaling, drying and product transportation to silos.

We have participated in software standardization for several sugar factories.

We provide technical support for control systems during sugar production periods.

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