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Energy industry

Experience in projects for the energy industry

As Safety Applications Expert, we have been implementing projects for the energy industry for many years. This applies not only to installations located on each of the drilling platforms, which generate electricity for their own needs, but also to stationary power units, the carburization of which or BMS / BPS systems are our specialty.

System BMS / BPS - Boiler Management System / Boiler Protection System

SimTec has experience in programming and commissioning boiler management and boiler protection systems. Our systems base on Siemens PLC S7-400H/F that guarantee full physical CPU redundancy, redundancy of industry communication networks, redundancy of communication modules as well as on the level of imputes and outputs. Safety system is integrated in the same CPU base on dedicated safety I/O modules and ensure adequate SIL level. The software is prepared based on graphical tools as CFC (Continuous Function Chart).

Coaling – carburizing system

Our engineers have knowledge and experience in implementation of PLC software and HMI visualization for power plant carburizing systems. We have prepared and commissioned the software for train unloading, coal storage, transport of fine coal, bunker filling before boiler house.

For another power plant we have developed control system for biomass dosing to energy boiler. The implementation based on Siemens PLC and HMI system.

It is very often that DCS class systems are implemented in power industry. Company SimTec specializes in Siemens DCS system since many years and we are ready to deliver our softwawre services for energy facilities. Thanks to experience gained on oil and gas platforms that consist of many technological areas (like power generators and others) we are ready to take any software and hardware challanges in process automation for energy sector.

Bag filters:

Our company has experience in bag filters PLC/HMI software implementation with high-tech regeneration system. Reliability was improoved by implementation of S7-400H redundand controller. Easy process control with SIMATIC TP1500 Comfort operator panel. Project was developed by the means of STEP7 for PLC and TIA Portal v13 (WinCC) for vizualization. The program includes the sequence of turning on the filter and allows to control the bypass installation The program provides several modes of regeneration. Regeneration of bagfilter consisting of six chambers is possible simultaneously with gas filtering process. It is possible to run regeneration of single filtering chamber after turning it off as well as additional cleaning of disabled filter. Duration of single regeneration cycle depends on the gas pressure difference.

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