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Virtualization and Cyber ​​Security

Virtualization and Cyber ​​Security

IT systems

The SimTec company carries out advanced projects in the field of virtualization of superior layers of SCADA systems. Based on the VMware vSphere environment, appropriately selected virtualization servers (DELL, Fujitsu, HP) and central disk arrays, eg NetApp, we virtualize multicomputer environments by integrating them into one virtual environment. The terminals are built on the basis of ThinClinet, selected depending on the conditions in which they are to work. We use simple terminals as well as those intended for special tasks in the IP65 class.

The environment enables the construction of redundant structures (High Availability) with the possibility of dynamic relocation of virtual machines (vMotion and Replication) in the event of a failure. ThinClient distributed terminals can be built on the basis of two or even four monitor stations.

We also have experience in the virtualization of the Siemens Simatic PCS7 environment. The entire PCS7 parent layer or part of it can be embedded in a virtual environment. This allows for a significant reduction in space, but most of all it reduces the delays appearing in the case of standard complex multi-server and multi-computer SCADA structures.
Cyber ​​Security is an extremely important issue these days. SimTec has the knowledge and experience in providing the necessary protection to superior S7, TIA Portal, PCS7, SCADA environments, data archiving as well as virtualization environments. As part of our services and a consortium of companies specializing in individual areas, we undertake Cyber ​​Security audits in the OT and IT areas. In the field of Cyber ​​Security, we cooperate with companies such as DAGMA - IT Security or with ARKANET, a provider of solutions for cybersecurity and NAS mass storage. Training in this area is provided by our partner INTEX.

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