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Safety systems

PCS7 Safety and TUV Certificates

Our employees have completed series of trainings and workshops dedicated to process safety. Participation in these trainings and workshops is confirmed by the following certificates:



Safety systems (F-Systems)

Safety F-System PCS7, safety matrix and Redundancy, bezpieczeństwo procesowe, AS400F/H CPU-417F, Emmergency, Not-Aus, Protection and proces safe, ESD, PSD F&G, Profibus Profinet Optical ring

Our engineers have certificates Siemens Functional Safety Professional issued by TUV, entitling to designing and development of safety systems according to IEC 61511 and IEC 61508 norms.

Since year 2005 SimTec’s specialists have regularly participated in projects for Oil&Gas installations located on North and Red Sea.
These were new installations based on different versions of Simatic PCS7 system (from V6.0 to V8.0) or upgrade of existing control systems ( Siemens, ABB ) to PCS7.

In all these projects our engineers were involved in programming/commissioning of both: process PLCs as well as safety related (HSE) systems.

Safety related systems were designed and programmed to fulfill SIL2 or SIL3 levels based on HAZOP

  • ESD (Emergency Shutdown) – emergency shutdown of the installation in case of dangerous situations
  • F&G (Fire and Gas) – activation of alarming and firefighting systems in case of fire or gas detection
  • PSD (Process Shutdown) – production shutdown in case of potentially dangerous situations (hazard may come from process itself or it might be signaled as an input from ESD/F&G systems).

Process PLCs are usually based on standard components of SIMATIC PCS7 system, while PLCs responsible for safety functions are built from components coming from Simatic S7 F/FH Systems family: 

  • redundant processors AS-400H (mainly CPU-417H/CPU-410)
  • redundant fiber optic Ethernet networks
  • redundant field networks Profibus (with ProfiSafe protocol)
  • fail safe IO cards
  • certified software tools (S7 F Systems with Failsafe Blocks Library).

In one system is realized both process control as well as fail-safe software that is rather seldom by other vendors. Safety logic is usually realized based on concept of Cause & Effect matrix.

Due to requirements of Oil&Gas industry regarding risk reduction, certifying authorities (DNV / TUV) are very often involved in factory acceptance tests of safety systems.

 Siemens Functional Safety Professional

SFSP Certificate 20141027 Waldemar Jawoszek SFSP Certificate 20141027 Antoni PecherczykSFSP Certificate 20141027 Olgierd PodeszwaSFSP Certificate Back Side 271014

Process Automation - IEC 61511

Antoni Pecherczyk workshop certificate confiramtion experience Workshop Confirmation Olgierd Podeszwa Safety PCS7 simatic systems safety matrix for DCS PCS7 Safety Workshop Confirmation Waldemar Jawoszek Safety Specialist

SIMATIC PCS 7 Process Safety 

SimTec Siemens Solution Partner Confirmation TUV Safety Specialist Antoni Pecherczyk WSPS14E05 Solution Partner Confirmation Olgierd Podeszwa TUV Safety DCS system Solution Partner Confirmation Waldemar Jawoszek

IEC 61511 Practical use

WSPU14E01 Workshop Confirmation Antoni Pecherczyk WSPU14E01 Workshop Confirmation Olgierd Podeszwa WSPU14E01 Workshop Confirmation Waldemar Jawoszek

SOGO Safety Training 

Siemens Oil and Gas Organization Safety Training Waldemar Jawoszek

Systems: ESD, PSD and F&G

certyfikat security foto